Designed to Maximize Performance & Flexibility.

The Motus 1 family of heavy-duty, high-performance stages from Motion Plus provides the perfect mix of flexibility and functionality, manufactured at industry-leading lead times. With three different frame sizes and three drive train options, this suite of electric linear actuators provides machine builders, OEM’s and end-users alike the ability to maximize speed, load capacity, and precision with a multitude of options to optimize each.

The lightweight aluminum base comes in three frame sizes ranging from 95mm to 170mm wide and the dual square rail-guided design provides a very robust package for high load industrial applications. The integrated seal strip creates a high level of protection for internal components enabling Motus 1 to be utilized in harsh environments. Motus 1 stages can be configured with belt, ball screw or linear motor (coming soon) drive trains, to match performance to your needs.

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Three Frame Sizes

Widths of 95mm, 125mm and 170mm, and payload capacity up to 2500lbs!

Three Drive Trains

Ball screw, belt drive or (coming soon) linear motor allow you to achieve high speed, high thrust & high accuracy!

In-Stock Solutions

Select for a pre-configured solution available to ship in 2-3 days, or configure your own to fit your needs.

Highly Configurable

From increment travels to mounts for your motor, there are literally thousands of options to maximize flexibility.

Motors Included or Mount Your Own

We offer a wider range of configurable servo and stepper motors that can be mounted directly on the stage. Different motor frame sizes, encoder options, and brakes make finding the right motor for your application a cinch. But, if you have a different motor you would prefer to use, we offer a variety of motor flanges to fit many industry standard motor mounting faces.

Improving Accuracy

& Repeatability

If you are looking to further enhance the performance of a Motus 1 stage, we offer configurable options for linear encoders, which will increase positional accuracy and repeatability of the system.

Limit & Home Sensors

Whether you need PNP or NPN, or need 1, 2, or 3 home/limit options, configure what you need for your application.

Travel to Fit Your Application

The Motus 1 gives you the freedom to configure your stage to whatever travel length you need. Pick from any of the pre-configured travel or in-stock stages, configure your own, or contact Motion Plus to request a custom length.

Cable Management

If you are building a multi-axis system or just mounting your Motus 1 stage into a moving configuration you may need to protect and support motor/feedback and end effector cables. The Motus 1 line has pre-designed and configurable cable management solutions to fit your needs.

Mounting Made Easy

Multiple options are offered for mounting the Motus 1 stage to a surface. You can use the threaded holes on the underside of the stage to bolt down from the top (through the stage base), or you can mount via the t-slots on the side using a toe-clamp. Mounting contingencies for end effector or easy stage to stage mounting are designed in to the carriage as well.

Screw Driven M1-095 M1-125 M1-170
Width (mm) 95 125 170
Height (mm) 55 70 90
Max Travel (mm) 1000 1500 2000
Max Payload* (Lb(N)) 337 (1,500) 630 (2,800) 1,888 (8,400)
Max Thrust* (Lb(N)) 148 (660) 283 (1,260) 396 (1,760)
Max Speed (mm/s) 530  390 310
Repeatability (µm) E1 100 100 100
Repeatability (µm) E2 15 15 15

*Life at 100 million inches of travel

Belt Driven M1-095 M1-125 M1-170
Width (mm) 95 125 170
Height (mm) 55 70 90
Max Travel* (mm) 2000 2000 2000
Max Payload** (Lb(N)) 337 (1,500) 630 (2,800) 1,888 (8,400)
Max Thrust** (Lb(N)) 75 (335) 150 (670) 540 (2,400)
Max Speed (mm/s) 3800 5000 5000
Repeatability (µm) E1 300 300 300
Repeatability (µm) E2 15 25 25

*Consult Motion Plus for longer travels
**Life at 100 million inches of travel

Linear Motor M1-095 M1-125 M1-170
Width (mm) 95 125 170
Height (mm) 55 70 90
Max Travel (mm) 2000 2000 2000
Max Payload* (Lb(N)) More
Max Thrust* (Lb(N)) Info
Max Speed (mm/s) Coming
Repeatability (µm) E1 Soon
Repeatability (µm) E2

*Consult Motion Plus for longer travels
**Life at 100 million inches of travel