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Additional Resources

There are many additional resources to help with your motion control questions. Some of our favorite sites include:

Aerotech’s Engineering Resources Site

NSK Linear Engineering Resources Site

Featured Partners

We are partnering with some of the best motion control brands in the industry to bring you the complete portfolio of automation products to solve your applications, quickly. Visit any of our featured partners websites by clicking below.

Aerotech Logo


Aerotech’s philosophy of building superior motion control systems starts with designing and manufacturing technically superior components. This platform includes precision positioning stages, controls, and optical focus devices.

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NSK designs and manufactures precision motion control systems with technically superior components. These linear bearings, ball screws, and actuator products are used in various applications, including semiconductor manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, and robotics.

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Micronix specializes in stick-slip piezo miniature micro- and nano-positioning components and systems for the life science, spectroscopy, microscopy, optical and research markets.

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MOONS is a leading provider of motion control solutions for a wide range of industries. The high-quality products MOONS manufactures include motion controllers, stepper motors, stepper drives, servo drives, motors, actuators, sensors, and software.

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Unice Optomechanical Solutions

Our complete platform of Unice optomechanics provides a comprehensive tool kit with in stock solutions for creating and developing your optomechanical work bench. From single axis manual slides and stages, through lens holders and more, Unice high quality parts are a good fit for your application.

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Peak Metrology Systems

Peak Metrology focuses on solving your toughest automated metrology challenges. With our single-axis scanning system, you can quickly prototype and perform test inspections.

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Kiski Precision Industries

With a range of precision machining capabilities, Kiski Precision Industries offers machined plates, bases, structures, and more. Whether you need a weldment for a machine base or a simple plate – Kiski is your preferred partner.

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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon

Check back regularly as we will be adding numerous new vendors and products over the next few months. We’re excited to keep growing and provide our customers with the best service and support they’ve come to expect.