Motion Plus offers a selection of sensors and galvo laser scanners that incorporate advanced galvanometer motor technology. High-resolution optical feedback helps to steer laser beams with unprecedented speed, precision, and stability, allowing you to mark parts of unlimited size and complexity.

Linear Encoders

Linear Encoders

Keep your linear motor on track with encoders that allow you to improve the positioning performance of your high-dynamic motion systems. Measure and control unwanted motion of your machine base and enable your servo system to consistently maintain your ideal motion path.

Galvo Laser Scanner allows you to produce consistent parts with smaller, more precise features


Options such a large field of view with minimal spot distinction, a range of design configurations and advanced programming features are part of the high performance galvanometer selection from Motion Plus.

Synchronized Scanner and Motion Control Module

Controller Modules

Take a closer look at our synchronized scanner and motion module. Directly synchronize scanner and servo motion and eliminate the difficulties associated with marking parts of unlimited size and complexity.

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