Motion Plus offers a large selection of optomechanical components for mounting or positioning optics and mirriros in your lab, research, or optic manipulation environment. Our inventory includes products like kinematic optical mounts, laser beam dumps, mirror and lens holders, optical mounting posts, single or multi-axis manual positioners, micrometers, breadboards, pedestals, and more. With items in stock, we can satisfy your application needs quickly with high quality solutions. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly partner with you to help you find the right linear motion solution for your application, even if it means product modifications.

Bases, Clamps, Posts

Available products include 12mm, 12.7mm, and 18mm diameter optical posts and optical post holders (with or without isolation). Motion Plus also has 38.1mm diameter optical pedestals. Finally, an assortment of standard or magnetic optical bases and clamps are available to secure your components in the system for maximum rigidity

Beam Steering Assemblies

Beam Steering Assemblies

Optical beam steering instruments easily set your laser beam height and control the azimuth and elevation angle of the beam. They offer a full 360° of steering for the optical beam and offer adjustable heights from 30mm to 200mm.

Optical Breadboard Plates


Optical breadboards are a lightweight easy to use tool for putting together an optical system. Our BR series optical breadboards are nonmagnetic, solid aluminum breadboards that come in a number of lengths and widths with either imperial or metric threaded holes. Each breadboard includes 4 rubber feet for vibration damping.

Low Power Laser Beam Dump

Laser Beam Dumps

Designed to be the final piece of an optical system, laser beam dumps absorb the incident laser beam and terminate the optical process. In either English (Imperial) or Metric versions, we have the right laser beam dump for your lower power CW beam.

Manual Goniometers

Manual Goniometers

The manual goniometer offering includes multiple footprint sizes and options for angular adjustments up to ± 20°. With precision, easy-to-read vernier scales on the side of the unit, take the guess work out of positioning with these manual goniometer stages. Available in both English (Imperial) or Metric versions.

Single Axis Manual Linear Stages

Manual Linear Stages

Motion Plus offers a complete line of single axis manual linear stages for the exact fit in your application. Our stage options include Metric or English versions, micrometer or thumbscrew drives, crossed roller or dovetail bearings, side locks, vernier scales, and much more. The breadth of options ensure Motion Plus has the manual linear stage optimized for your optomechanical positioning needs.

Mult-Axis Manual Stage Systems

Manual Multi-Axis Stages

Motion Plus makes it easy to choose and install a multi-axis manual positioning system. Whether you need simple two axis XY or more complex motion with XYZΘ or XYZΘαβ positioning, Motion Plus has complete multi-axis manual linear systems pre-assembled ready for bolting down onto your breadboard or other system.

Single Axis Manual Rotary Stages

Manual Rotary Stages

Manual rotary stages provide optimal adjustment for angular positioning in your application. Motion Plus offers manual stages with or without aperture for optical pass through and low cost thumbscrew drives or high precision micrometer drives. With easy to read vernier scales providing precise feedback to the rotary table location, these manual rotary stages are a great fit for your rotary positioning needs.

TIp Tilt Platforms

Manual Tip/Tilt Stages

Rugged and durable, the line of products in our Manual Tip/Tilt Stages offer smooth motion and in-position stability. With tip and tilt adjustments or tilt and rotate adjustments or 3 axis of motion, Motion Plus has the right manual angular adjustment stage for your application.



Motion Plus’ offering of micrometers includes spherical or flat face designs for precision engagement with the installation as well as with or without clamp nut for ease of installation. With micrometer travel ranges from 0-6.5mm through 0-50mm, Motion Plus has the micrometer designed to fit your optomechanical positioning application.

Optical Mounts

Optical Mounts

Fixed or adjustable kinematic optical lens and mirror mounts provide a secure tool for mounting your lenses and mirrors. Options include English or Metric versions, set screw or retaining ring optics holder, fixed position or translation or angular adjustability and more. In stock optical mounts are ready to ship to you today.

Optical Rails

Optical Rails

Optical and Dovetail rails provide easy long travel positioning solutions for your optomechanical system. Optional vernier scales enable an easy to ready position location and position locking screws ensure in-position stability. A variety of widths and lengths offer the optimal optical rail or dovetail rail for your optomechanical system

Optomechanical Accessories

Optomechanical Accessories

Thread adaptors, hex knobs, fasteners, and screws are just some of the additional accessories we have to complete your optomechanical system. Select the additional accessories to complete your one-stop-shop experience with Motion Plus.

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