For multi-axis positioning solutions, we offer a variety of robotic styles and configurations. Gain the precision you need and perform tightly coordinated motions with cartesian systems and planar XY motion designs offered by Motion Plus. Whether you need 1 to 4 axes of piezo control or six degrees-of-freedom (DOF) with a hexapod, our solutions can help you achieve the speed, accuracy and repeatability you need for your applications.

Two Axis Systems

Our two axis systems offer XY, XZ, and Xθ or Zθ motion. What does your application demand? From low profile, smooth and stable motion through high speed, high blocking force and compatibility with a range of controllers, we have a predesigned two-axis motion control system for you.

Multi-Axes Robotic Systems from Motion Plus

Three or More Axis Systems

For more complex applications, we offer a wide array of systems with multi-axis capabilities. Our multi-axis systems include XYZ motion as well as rotation about numerous axes depending on the configuration selected.

Metrology Systems

This system offers easy to integrate options for your scanning head. With software tools and i/o preconfigured, these metrology systems will have you scanning prototypes or production parts quickly.

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