For ultra-precision positioning and high-throughput industrial automation applications, you need Motion Plus linear or rotary motors. Need high torque to inertia ratios? We can help. Need frameless solutions to integrate tightly with your design? We can help. Want to increase throughput speed? We can help. Learn more about our motors with rare-earth magnets optimized for maximum torque and acceleration in a small package. Our team is also available to help you easily determine the correct motor for your application.

Frameless Motors

Frameless Motors

Offering maximum torque and acceleration in a compact design, our frameless motors integrate easily into OEM machines. Choose from a selection of torque and package sizes as well as various winding options.

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Linear Motors

Linear Motor Forcers

Take a look at our direct drive linear motors with non-contacting forcer and “U-channel” or “flat” rare-earth magnet track. These maintenance-free motors are ideal for robot transfer units, high speed shuttling, alignment & positioning systems, assembly, machine tools, semiconductor equipment, electronic manufacturing, vision systems and many more industrial automation applications.

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Magnet Tracks

Magnet Tracks

Achieve continuous flow and high efficiency with our rare-earth U-channel or flat magnet tracks, which can accommodate either non-magnetic (ironless) forcers (to achieve zero cogging for extremely smooth motion and very tight velocity and position control) or magnetic (iron-core or slotted) forcers (to achieve higher force per unit volume).

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Rotary Servo Motors

Rotary Servo Motors

Motion Plus offers solutions to help you addresses the requirements of both ultra-precision positioning and high-throughput industrial automation applications. These motors offer some of the highest torque to inertia ratios available. Brushless rotary motors feature rare-earth magnets for maximum torque and acceleration in a small package.

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Stepper Motors

Stepper Motors

Industry-standard NEMA frame stepper motors provide optimum performance at both North American and European or Asian line voltages. A range of options available with these motors enhance their capabilities making them a great solutions in many motion applications.

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